Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Messenger of Peace and Love

A man came to the earth and blessed the earth with love and taught man “how to love” he was titled as “PEACE FOR WHOLE UNIVERSE”. He was a messenger of God; whose teachings were based on love and harmony. He defined the duties and rights of a man to itself, to its community, to its ecology.
His heart and soul overlapped at a single point of Love which led him to the Heights of Mirage; the place when he was most nearer to the God.
It was the extreme and purity of his love which guided him to the God, directed to the point where most pious angle “Jibraeil” never reached.
It’s only Love which makes the man superior to the angles and rest of universe; conducting man directly to his God bypassing many horizons.

Beating heart

Beating heart of fetus is the first symbol of life; even centuries old civilizations knew this fact and devised many instruments for observing fetal heart beat. Heart continues to beat with man till he dies.
But why life only starts with the heart beat and ends with it; why only this sign is selected by nature no other functioning organ is chosen?
Perhaps some secret resides the heart which gives the clue of essence of life; its origin or at least its basis.
Heart itself is a symbol of love and beating depicts continuity; the time beating stops heart becomes a useless organ.
This is the evidence of base, origin and essence of life is merely love and its continuity; life and love do not exist when there is only love residing inside heart but at stasis; its useless if there is no continuous expression of it.
Unit hands for the life of universe; life of human survival by congregate our soul at the point of life i.e. love.If destruction of life continues by hatred (devil) soon universe will end up.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Finding….. “x”

Algebra! Algebra finds the unknown i.e. “x” by knowing just essential information.
It’s a wonderful game, finding an unknown……..wow!!!!!!
Creator of the game gives some clues which lead the player to the “x”.
It’s just like “hide and seek” game. One can not seek the hider until seeker knows some persona of the hider, otherwise seeker can not guess.
I appreciate the minds of those brilliant mathematicians who understand the nature and quest; which leads the man to the discovery of “unknown” every time.
The same game “hide and seek” is played by God with Man and universe provides us clues. After observing the universe I came to the point.
“Every thing is mortal but love!”
So if I calculate “x” as LOVE only.
Supposing “x” as God; my answer would be God is Love and Love is God and both are immortal.
Let’s spread the massage of Love leading us to the God and understanding God completely.

Lover’s game

Hide and seek is my childhood most wanted game I love to hide myself as this tells me how mysterious I am? Can some one find me? Can some one guess my brilliance and smartness? The one who finds me really know me and think of me well.
That’s why I love this game.
But why I called such a simple game as lover’s game?
Not a bad thought in your mind!
Ok! Let’s play it with a lover like a lover.
I show my presence and all of sudden vanished in front of the lover but leaves a clue behind me depicting my hiding place, lover reached the place and find another clue till he reached me.
If he keeps on knowing me at every clue he will reach me but if he don’t know me he would never! This will show the urge of seeking, quest of knowing.
This simple formula has been used every where e.g. in different love tales, games, plays and even in nature.
God created the universe and send Adam to the earth, leaving Adam to explore till reach to the God, every time and every where God gives a clue which leads the man to the discovery of new horizons and every discovery resides on LOVE. Love to seek God by understanding the phenomena of universe, quest and urge present in a Man’s heart.
I conclude my point at this “hide and seek” is a lover’s game played by God with Man and universe serving the Man with clues leading to the God.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Discovery of new horizons

The day man opened his eyes centuries ago he visualized a world full of miracles; his amazement was great but this made him confused at the same time he struggled to know the world but his resources limited him. Suddenly quest of mind and heart over lapped at a single point and a bright flash was produced inside the passionate man; this was some unexceptional power of visualizing the universe with the heart not the eyes. Question raised in the minds is it he how is so exceptional or its some creator of the world who blessed him with such a power after considering his passion………..this question led man to think of God; in every generation culture and religion God is expression of Love as idea of God was born in the hearts full of love not hatred; the day mind and heart will overlap at the point of love again new horizons would be discovered. I would say many new horizons are waiting for man but one can reach there with the help of love only as the God, creation of Universe and Man born from love and only love can lead you to there recognition

Ruling the World

A man sitting in Stone Age; without clothes, home, stored food suddenly discovered the way of harvesting instead of hunting. This was a great innovation in a man’s life which reduced uncertainty of his life; this was a great act as this reduced uncertainty gave him time to think, to address problems and solving them. This was the main path which led man to the heavens through his vision.But quest of man did not stopped here only; he wanted to live a totally uncertain life like the life in heavens. The brilliant thought of living a secured life forced him to explore more paths and harvesting proved great in giving a man a certain life; harvesting showed him the importance of land, animals and wealth so he start occupying it; wars were conducted for it.Was land, animal, wealth such a noble thing to shed blood for it or it was the uncertainty of life residing his unconscious which pushed himThis led man’s desire to rule and conditions get complicated moreWas it merely a desire or fear of uncertainty?