Monday, November 22, 2010

Lover’s game

Hide and seek is my childhood most wanted game I love to hide myself as this tells me how mysterious I am? Can some one find me? Can some one guess my brilliance and smartness? The one who finds me really know me and think of me well.
That’s why I love this game.
But why I called such a simple game as lover’s game?
Not a bad thought in your mind!
Ok! Let’s play it with a lover like a lover.
I show my presence and all of sudden vanished in front of the lover but leaves a clue behind me depicting my hiding place, lover reached the place and find another clue till he reached me.
If he keeps on knowing me at every clue he will reach me but if he don’t know me he would never! This will show the urge of seeking, quest of knowing.
This simple formula has been used every where e.g. in different love tales, games, plays and even in nature.
God created the universe and send Adam to the earth, leaving Adam to explore till reach to the God, every time and every where God gives a clue which leads the man to the discovery of new horizons and every discovery resides on LOVE. Love to seek God by understanding the phenomena of universe, quest and urge present in a Man’s heart.
I conclude my point at this “hide and seek” is a lover’s game played by God with Man and universe serving the Man with clues leading to the God.

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