Monday, November 22, 2010

Finding….. “x”

Algebra! Algebra finds the unknown i.e. “x” by knowing just essential information.
It’s a wonderful game, finding an unknown……!!!!!!
Creator of the game gives some clues which lead the player to the “x”.
It’s just like “hide and seek” game. One can not seek the hider until seeker knows some persona of the hider, otherwise seeker can not guess.
I appreciate the minds of those brilliant mathematicians who understand the nature and quest; which leads the man to the discovery of “unknown” every time.
The same game “hide and seek” is played by God with Man and universe provides us clues. After observing the universe I came to the point.
“Every thing is mortal but love!”
So if I calculate “x” as LOVE only.
Supposing “x” as God; my answer would be God is Love and Love is God and both are immortal.
Let’s spread the massage of Love leading us to the God and understanding God completely.

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