Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beating heart

Beating heart of fetus is the first symbol of life; even centuries old civilizations knew this fact and devised many instruments for observing fetal heart beat. Heart continues to beat with man till he dies.
But why life only starts with the heart beat and ends with it; why only this sign is selected by nature no other functioning organ is chosen?
Perhaps some secret resides the heart which gives the clue of essence of life; its origin or at least its basis.
Heart itself is a symbol of love and beating depicts continuity; the time beating stops heart becomes a useless organ.
This is the evidence of base, origin and essence of life is merely love and its continuity; life and love do not exist when there is only love residing inside heart but at stasis; its useless if there is no continuous expression of it.
Unit hands for the life of universe; life of human survival by congregate our soul at the point of life i.e. love.If destruction of life continues by hatred (devil) soon universe will end up.

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