Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Messenger of Peace and Love

A man came to the earth and blessed the earth with love and taught man “how to love” he was titled as “PEACE FOR WHOLE UNIVERSE”. He was a messenger of God; whose teachings were based on love and harmony. He defined the duties and rights of a man to itself, to its community, to its ecology.
His heart and soul overlapped at a single point of Love which led him to the Heights of Mirage; the place when he was most nearer to the God.
It was the extreme and purity of his love which guided him to the God, directed to the point where most pious angle “Jibraeil” never reached.
It’s only Love which makes the man superior to the angles and rest of universe; conducting man directly to his God bypassing many horizons.


  1. Fine interpretation of love and reaching higher ladder through love rather any other virtue.

  2. hmm...nice post...

    Love always makes you a better human and give you a different identity to be recognized with...

  3. sorry for late replies of ur comments
    but i m very much thankful to u AKHTAR DAR N THINKING for ur appreciation :)