Saturday, November 20, 2010

Discovery of new horizons

The day man opened his eyes centuries ago he visualized a world full of miracles; his amazement was great but this made him confused at the same time he struggled to know the world but his resources limited him. Suddenly quest of mind and heart over lapped at a single point and a bright flash was produced inside the passionate man; this was some unexceptional power of visualizing the universe with the heart not the eyes. Question raised in the minds is it he how is so exceptional or its some creator of the world who blessed him with such a power after considering his passion………..this question led man to think of God; in every generation culture and religion God is expression of Love as idea of God was born in the hearts full of love not hatred; the day mind and heart will overlap at the point of love again new horizons would be discovered. I would say many new horizons are waiting for man but one can reach there with the help of love only as the God, creation of Universe and Man born from love and only love can lead you to there recognition

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