Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ruling the World

A man sitting in Stone Age; without clothes, home, stored food suddenly discovered the way of harvesting instead of hunting. This was a great innovation in a man’s life which reduced uncertainty of his life; this was a great act as this reduced uncertainty gave him time to think, to address problems and solving them. This was the main path which led man to the heavens through his vision.But quest of man did not stopped here only; he wanted to live a totally uncertain life like the life in heavens. The brilliant thought of living a secured life forced him to explore more paths and harvesting proved great in giving a man a certain life; harvesting showed him the importance of land, animals and wealth so he start occupying it; wars were conducted for it.Was land, animal, wealth such a noble thing to shed blood for it or it was the uncertainty of life residing his unconscious which pushed himThis led man’s desire to rule and conditions get complicated moreWas it merely a desire or fear of uncertainty?

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